The Opera Aperta project has grown out of the Arts Council England funded Recitativo/Clouds and Noise – Fragments After Lucretius and Negri, a video/performance project focusing on text/image/sound. Opera Aperta enlarges the creative parameters of the latter and is initiating several new projects that explore the relation between genres, texts, and approaches to music, sound […]

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All sorts of sonic experiments in the speaking or chanting of the choruses are not only permissible but to be encouraged. For instance, after a first straight hearing, the words can be fragmented into various patterns of repetition, cross-cutting, over-lapping, truncation and so on…. the choice of music is crucial. There should be music throughout […]

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Aphorisms 2 – The Modern Monologue (2020) Listen here: Aphorisms 2 – The Modern Monologue This is currently a work in progress. It uses a drama textbook of monologues for female protagonists as a source for assembling a libretto of contrasting fragments. These texts act as sparks, or suggestions for compositional structures, each having a […]

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